Poo-themed toilet humour toys take over London Toy Fair

Adults might turn their noses up at it, but toilet humour is set to take the toy market by storm in 2018.

Toy companies are hoping their poo-themed toys will be a trend that's tricky to flush away.

And that's music to the ears of every little kid.

"All our research shows that potty humour is making a big come back," said exhibitor Becca Hanlon. "It's had a big resurgence, so we're really tucking back into that with our product."

That product is Flush Force, where water is poured into a toilet and shaken to reveal monsters.

Or Poopeez figurines based on a YouTube show, with characters like Skid Mark and the Toot Fairy.

"It's always a recipe for success with boys. We might turn our noses up at it, so to speak, but actually little boys really like that, it's fun for them," said toy industry analyst Frederique Tutt.

The explosion is tied to the popularity of the iPhone poop emoji. It even stars on the big screen in The Emoji Movie.

The crass jokes make classic toys look like, well, child's play but the inventors are enjoying every moment.

"It's fun," says HGL toys managing director Martin Grossman. "Toilet humour has been here since time began. If you hear somebody break wind, the kids laugh. You can't take that away from them."