Sex in the workplace: Where to get it

  • 15/01/2018

If you want to get it on with a co-worker, start looking at vacancies in Palmerston North.

A new poll has found a third of people in the Manawatu city have done the deed with someone they work with.

Across the rest of New Zealand, only 22 percent have, according to Adulttoymegastore's Kiwi Sex Survey, conducted by respected pollster Colmar Brunton.

More wish they could though - 38 percent of Kiwis have fantasised about a colleague, the poll found, most of them men unhappy with their sex lives.

Things must be dire in Northland, where 53 percent have thought about getting it on with a work colleague and 50 percent have at least tried flirting (40 percent elsewhere).

The success rate is much lower. Only 26 percent of Kiwis have kissed a colleague, but Hawke's Bay is the place to be if you're trying - 41 percent there have.

If you think workplace flings are for the young, think again - most of those sleeping with their bosses and workmates are aged between 40-49, and unhappy with their sex lives.

"The fact that one in five New Zealanders have had sex with someone from work at least once in their lifetime shows how commonplace it is," says Adulttoymegastore spokeswoman Janelle Cheesman.

"Many people spend 40 hours a week with their work colleagues, so it's likely that romantic connections could form over this time."

Few Kiwis are bold enough to get it on in the workplace itself - but that hasn't stopped 7 percent, one in 15, going all the way at a work Christmas party, according to the poll.

In Hawke's Bay, it's 19 percent.

The poll didn't reveal how many of those encounters were between people already in a relationship or developed into one.

Workplace flirtation most common

  • Whangarei/Northland 50 percent
  • Palmerston North 48 percent
  • Hawke's Bay/Napier/Hastings 46 percent

Kissing co-workers most common

  • Hawke's Bay/Napier/Hastings 41 percent
  • Whangarei/Northland 39 percent
  • Palmerston North 29 percent

Top places for sex with co-workers

  • Palmerston North 31 percent
  • Hawke's Bay/Napier/Hastings 30 percent
  • Canterbury/Christchurch 23 percent

Sex at work Christmas parties

  • Hawke's Bay/Napier/Hastings 19 percent
  • Hamilton 13 percent
  • Wellington 8 percent

The margin of error for nationwide statistics is 3.1 percent, but higher for individual regions' results, which were based on a minimum of 30 respondents each.