The most in-demand jobs of 2018

Skills in IT could give people the edge over other job candidates.
Skills in IT could give people the edge over other job candidates. Photo credit: Getty

Keen for a career change? The most in-demand industries in New Zealand have been revealed. 

The Hays Jobs Report for January-June 2018 has been released, with data on the most highly valued skills, as well as which sectors have the greatest numbers of positions needing to be filled.

SEEK spokesperson Sarah McCartney told RadioLIVE host Wendyl Nissen that while the job market is strong across most industries, some sectors are especially in demand.

The most bankable career at the moment seems to be in the IT industry, with about 6000 jobs currently available.

Ms McCartney says "basically all jobs, regardless of industry" are in need of people with the skills to implement new software and security measures.

"Anybody that's got skillsets across IT and IT communications is in a really strong position when it comes to job hunting."

However, because technology evolves so quickly, those in IT need to make sure they're constantly updating their skillset to avoid being left behind.

"It's changing so fast, so to be in that career and be successful in it, you really do have to have an appetite for constant development," she says. 

"It's not one of those roles that remains the same."

Another strong area for 2018 is product management, a term Ms McCartney says more people should become familiar with.

"It's an increasingly popular job type in really high demand."

Product managers often work with the people who create apps and other software services to bring those products to the mass market.

Skills in manufacturing, transport and logistics are also in high demand, with the number of job opportunities in the sector up 38 percent on this time last year.

"There's a really strong demand for people with experience in forklift driving, machine operation, supervisory and management roles across distribution centres and logistics bases," Ms McCartney says.

There are also many job opportunities in community service and welfare work.

"With the result of an aging population and increasing population, there's a lot of demand for aged care workers."

Ms McCartney says, in general, those looking to start their careers or to switch up their skillsets are in luck - a strong economy has created job opportunities across many different sectors.

"We're seeing, broadly, more jobs available throughout New Zealand and across most industries than we did 12 months ago."