Turning food waste to fuel

An Auckland businessman and former SAS officer believes New Zealand could be powered on the food it wastes.

Eco Stock founder Andrew Fisher has been recycling surplus food for 10 years, turning it into stock feed.

"It's still a valuable product. As opposed to wasting its potential, it's actually going back into the food chain."

From just two tonnes 10 years ago, Eco Stock now recycles more than 100 tonnes of food a day - around 30 skip loads.

But that's just 3 percent of the food we waste.

Eco Stock is looking to expand into biogas that could be converted into gas, electricity, and transport fuel.

With the amount of food we waste, Mr Fisher believes Eco Stock could generate as much power as four Huntly power stations.

Its first food-to-fuel site is due to start production by the end of 2018.

They hope to expand to 20 new sites by 2020.