Vagina highlighter goes on sale in UK

A woman promotes the Perfect V range.
A woman promotes the Perfect V range. Photo credit: Perfect V

If you've ever wished your vagina had a better glow, fear no more - a vulva highlighter is hitting the shelves.

It costs $75 a bottle for the Perfect V highlighting cream, specially designed "to target the delicate bikini area".

Last year British gynaecologists had to warn women to stop putting glitter capsules in their vagina, when a product called Passion Dust went on sale.

While the product was said to taste like candy doctors said it had potentially dangerous side effects.

Unlike Passion Dust, the Perfect V range is genital-friendly and also includes a beauty mist and exfoliator.

It's a long-anticipated product, last year causing a stir on social media with many understandably wondering why one would ever need a "luminous heightened glow to the V area", as the product describes.

Unfortunately Kiwis won't be able to find out just yet - the product is only available in the United Kingdom at this stage.