Slingshot's ultra-fast broadband back up after Auckland outage

The ultra-fast broadband outage has now been resolved.
The ultra-fast broadband outage has now been resolved. Photo credit: Getty

Many of Slingshot's Auckland-based ultra-fast broadband (UFB) customers have woken up to no internet connection this morning.

A glitch during standard maintenance caused an unexpected outage just after 7am on Tuesday morning, leaving customers tapping into their data to stay connected to the internet.

The issue has now been resolved, a Slingshot media spokesperson told Newshub.

The telecommunications company says its customers should have no issues with their broadband now, but said if they do, they should restart their modems.

Chorus, which provides and maintains the country's telecommunications infrastructure, says there is no widespread outage in Auckland and that if there's an issue, it's likely to be limited to Slingshot.

Slingshot has since confirmed the issue was one that only affected its own customers.