Sport becomes cheaper to watch as Sky TV slashes prices

  • 28/02/2018

Sports will become cheaper to watch with Sky TV confirming price cuts to their channels.

Next month, Sky Basic - the $49-a-month package bought by all customers - will be replaced by two new options.

Sky Starter is the new minimum package at a price of $24.91 a month, featuring a limited number of channels.

The Sky Sport package remains the same at an additional $30 a month, but with the minimum package at only $25, the total comes to $55 per month instead of $80.

Sky Entertainment, with several other channels including Discovery, UKTV and Crime + Investigation, can then be added for another $25 a month.

"We want to offer our great SKY content to all Kiwis in ways that work for them," Sky TV says.

"For most families, a SKY package with a broad range of channels is the best way to meet everyone's needs.

"For others, a smaller line-up of channels works best."

Those who buy both Starter Entertainment and either the Sport or Movies packages will receive SoHo for free.

In the 2017 financial year, Sky lost 28,000 customers, NZME reports. The move will likely help the company retain customers, although could reduce revenue per user.