Vodafone will offer Sky TV pricing in future

  • 28/02/2018
Vodafone will offer Sky TV pricing in future
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An earlier version of this story contained factual errors. The claim that Vodafone customers would not get Sky TV price cuts was incorrect and the information in the article below has been changed to reflect that.

Sky TV users who subscribed through a Vodafone network will have to wait to get the price slashes everyone else will get from next month.

Sky TV announced this morning the cost of the basic package is being cut from $49 to a $25 minimum package, in what appears to be a bid to maintain a dwindling customer base.

But those signed up through the Vodafone network will have to wait until the company introduces flexible bundles to reflect Sky’s new price modelling.

In a statement Vodafone told Newshub it commends Sky TV for their "bold move", and is "constantly looking for new ways to package value for our customers".

"This will include ways to reflect SKY's new pricing model in our own 'SKY with Vodafone' and Vodafone TV offers."

Through Vodafone's Ultimate Home broadband package, Sky Basic costs $49.91. It's another $9.99 for HD quality, but Vodafone gives customers MySky for free, which is valued at $15. It charges an extra $29.90 for Sky Sport.

Customers subscribed through Vodafone have a minimum 12-month term. It is unclear how long it will take for Vodafone to come up with a new pricing model that reflects Sky TV, or how that will affect existing customers.

Sky TV's new plan, Sky Starter, features a limited number of channels for $24.91 a month.

The Sky Sport package remains the same at an additional $30 a month, but with the minimum package at only $25, the total comes to $55 per month instead of $80.

Sky Entertainment, with several other channels including Discovery, UKTV and Crime + Investigation, can then be added for another $25 a month.

In the 2017 financial year, Sky lost 28,000 customers, NZME reports. The move will likely help the company retain customers, although could reduce revenue per user.