High school students to learn money skills

A survey found 82 percent were keen to learn money skills in class. Photo credit: Getty

A pilot programme to teach children about money is on the way.

Sorted in Schools aims to be rolled out from later this year, at a cost of $10 million over four years. The Commission for Financial Capability is looking for schools to work with.

A survey of students by the Commission for Financial Capability found 82 percent were keen to learn money skills in class - particularly budgeting and how loans work.

Spokesman Kelly Gay says it's something teachers have been calling for too.

"Everyone agrees that it's needed. There's a small disagreement about how it should be done, but fundamentally everyone's very positive."

Mr Gay says schools are under pressure to cram more into the year, and says the current curriculum isn't specific enough.

"It very often is in what we might call 'enterprise'. But nobody's really addressing the core fundamentals of financial capability."

Years 9 through 13 will be focus for Sorted in Schools.