New seller AllGoods plans to tackle Trade Me's dominance

A new online marketplace is about to have a go at toppling Trade Me off its top spot.

AllGoods launches early next month and its point of difference will be to charge no fees for everyday users.

"We've got pages and pages of feedback from our users saying this is better than Trade Me in every way," says CEO Levi Fawcett.

AllGoods' main selling point is no fees for the average user and cheap rates for online stores.

"We're currently getting about 15 to 20 users a day on the site, a product every 15 seconds, and we've got just over $1 million worth of stock already on the site," says Mr Fawcett.

Mr Fawcett says others have tried and failed to beat Trade Me at its game, but after studying the failures he's confident AllGoods is different.

"The average Joe shouldn't have to pay really anything to list their products, list their auctions. If you want to sell something that's lying around your house you shouldn't have to pay anything."

Mr Fawcett says the site won't allow international sellers, which he says are pushing New Zealanders out of the market.

Nicholas Smith of Silversmith Tools and Equipment is one of those smaller retailers eyeing up the new operation

"In the current climate, trying to sell things at a competitive price, the margins are already pretty low, so having to give away another 10 percent hurts a wee bit," says Mr Smith.

It's a risk he's willing to take.

"People these days look for just about anything on Trade Me," says Mr Smith. "It's almost like Googling something."

Trade Me dominates the market with 1.7 million active members and upwards of 20 million listings a year.