New Zealand's best non-Krispy Kreme doughnut stores

As the country seems to go crazy over New Zealand's first Krispy Kreme many are asking the question: is it really worth the wait?

Some that were willing to give the US doughnut maker a go might be considering whether they still want to try them after it was accused of racially discriminating against a Filipino customer.

So, if you're after a sweet and delicious treat but can't take the lines - or the controversy - here are some alternative places you should visit.

Ensaymada Photo credit: Facebook/CBG Ensaymada

CBG Ensaymada

This Wellington doughnut store comes highly recommended by the Philippines Ambassador to New Zealand.

"Who needs racist Krispy Kreme for Kiwis only (KKK) Doughnuts anyway," he said.

"We have our own great Ensaymada by CBG Ensaymada!"

Ensaymada is a pastry popular in the Philippines and can come sugared or cheesy.

Doughnuts at Miann
Doughnuts at Miann Photo credit: Facebook/Miann


Already well-known in Auckland for their beautiful desserts Miann has a small range of doughnuts available for delivery on UberEats.

The Vanilla Custard and Berry and Citrus Curd doughnuts are both very good, but the Salted Caramel is on another level.

Little Dough Co
Little Dough Co Photo credit: Facebook/Little Dough Co

Little Dough Co

Another Wellington bakery, Little Dough Co doughnuts, can be found at Customs Brew Bar Friday to Sunday and VicBooks Thursday to Saturday.

Boasting eclectic flavours such as Spiced Caramel Cream and Choc-Orange topped with cacao nibs, these treats certainly keep the Victoria University students happy.

The Donut Boutique's Mango, Peach and Passionfruit Compote.
The Donut Boutique's Mango, Peach and Passionfruit Compote. Photo credit: Facebook/ The Donut Boutique

The Donut Boutique

The mainland can claim this delightful store, which operates on Barbadoes St in Christchurch Central.

It boasts the classic Boston Creme and Chocolate, along with some creative chef's specials - the most recent is a Mango, Peach and Passionfruit Compote.

The famous custard doughnut.
The famous custard doughnut. Photo credit: Facebook/Little and Friday

Little and Friday

Few things can beat a classic done welll, and Little and Friday does an amazing job with its iconic custard doughnuts.

They're so good, Aucklanders were trekking across the city to the Belmont store long before the Newmarket location opened.

Doornut's doughnuts.
Doornut's doughnuts. Photo credit: Facebook/Doornuts


For the doughnut connoisseur wanting a treat as artful as it is delicious, Doornuts has you covered.

Sharing a K Road presence with the other famed dessert maker The Pie Piper, Doornuts boasts an ever changing menu of beautiful and delicious creations.