Reddit users uncover computer hacks you may be missing out on

A laptop.
A laptop. Photo credit: Getty

A Reddit thread has uncovered the features you may be missing out on while your computer.

The AskReddit thread asked users what product features often get overlooked and some interesting computer hacks came out in the responses.

Here's some of the best:

  • Holding ctrl+shift+t will open your most recently closed browser tab, but the shortcut can also reopen an entire browser window if used after it's shut suddenly.
  • Users can highlight text and drag it into the tabs area where it will instantly Google the highlighted text, sparing the need to copy/paste or right click.
  • Adding modifiers to Google searches means you can tailor results to what you want, for example site: allows you to search for results only within one site. 
How the site: modifier can be used.
How the site: modifier can be used. Photo credit: Screenshot/Newshub.
  • If you're having trouble finding your way through everything you have open, Windows computers allow you to shake one window and instantly minimise everything else.
  • Both Word and Google Scholar can generate citations. In Word go to references tab and hit "insert citation", while in Google Scholar look for "cite" button underneath the search result.
The citation features on Google Scholar and Word.
The cite button on Google Scholar looks like a quote mark. Photo credit: Screenshot/Newshub.