New website launches for odd-job advertisements

hands typing on laptop keyboard at home
Photo credit: iStock

A new website has launched which brings out the best of the Kiwi lend-a-hand attitude and earns you a little extra cash on the side.

Joblist works similar to any other job seeking sites - but instead of companies advertising vacant positions, people can enlist others to take on any odd job from baking a birthday cake to cleaning a car.

The site is just finding its feet, but already dozens of jobs are open. One Auckland user is offering $65 for him to drop off a bucket of KFC on Saturday evening. Another will give $200 for someone to stack firewood in their shed.

Jobseekers are given a rating depending on how well they complete the job, which future odd-job 'employees' can review before taking them on.

It's not a new idea, in fact, it's distinctly similar to Kiwi phone app Kwota, which found instant success after it was launched by local entrepreneur Michael Batty last year.


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