Robot investment advice arrives using New Zealand technology

The age of so-called 'robot investment advice' is here with a Swiss bank using Kiwi technology to roll out a digital financial adviser.

And it's not just any human. The bank's chief economist, Daniel Kalt, has been copied so he can be called to offer his opinion to wealthy clients, wherever they are in the world.

The Swiss bank is offering the avatar  - developed by Kiwi company FaceMe  - to clients who come in for a  consultation.

"So they can then query Danny and say 'Danny what do you think? Can you show us what is your opinion on the Chinese market at the moment? What are the risks that are going on at the moment'," FaceMe head of product Victor Yuen told Newshub.

Mr Yuen deals in digital humans, he has one himself that's used for testing. But he says developing one for a major Swiss bank in collaboration with IT giant IBM is "pretty massive".

FaceMe specialises in digital humans. It's already developed Josie for ASB who advises small business owners - but there's only one of her and like a human consultant you have to make an appointment.

It may be early days in the age of robo advice - but it's forced a regulation change by the Financial Markets Authority.

Under current law you have to be a human to give advice - so financial companies who do want to roll-out digital consultants have to apply for an exemption.

So far only one - a KiwiSaver fund - has been granted an exemption, and another application is under consideration.

If you don't like the idea - don't worry - the Swiss won't confirm it but their avatar is probably for a select few.

The rest of us will just have to put up with humans for the moment.