Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki warns 'biggest crash' hurtling towards us

He has one simple piece of advice for how to protect yourself.
He has one simple piece of advice for how to protect yourself. Photo credit: Robert Kiyosaki / Facebook

The author behind one of the most famous financial self-help books is warning we could be hurtling towards the "biggest crash in world history".

Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote iconic bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad and co-authored two books with US President Donald Trump, says you need protect yourself.

"All markets boom and bust, it's just life," Mr Kiyosaki told

"Unfortunately we had a big crash in 2000, they called it the dotcom crash, then in 2008 it was the subprime real estate crash. The next is going to be the biggest of all. When it's coming I don't really know, but the foreshocks are sounding right now."

Mr Kiyosaki blames the US Federal Reserve for printing money to stimulate the economy and creating a bubble. He warns investors should buy gold to prepare for what's to come.

"I've always been a gold bug. My latest book coming out is called Fake. There's so much fake money. In 1971 Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard and the US dollar became fake money," he told

"The problem is it also became invisible, so they could print as much as they wanted. That's why savers got wiped out. So for the average person, just buy some Aussie gold or silver coins from the Perth Mint. When the dollar goes down, gold goes up."

Mr Kiyosaki partnered with Mr Trump for the 2006 investment book Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men, One Message.

They followed this up with the 2011 sequel Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich - And Why Most Don't.