Viagogo victim and concert promoter warn against using site

  • 16/08/2018

Ripoff victims and concert promoters are warning people to stay away from ticket selling site Viagogo after the Commerce Commission launched legal action against it.

The Switzerland-based company is a legitimate ticket selling site but is also a favourite for scammers to sell fake concert tickets. A number of people having fallen victim to the scams over the years.

The commission says Viagogo made false or misleading representations that it was an "official" seller.

Wellington concert promoter Phil Sprey said he believes there needs to be stronger regulation around ticket reselling companies.

Mr Sprey said people who buy tickets from a reseller carry extra risk because there is less protection.

"If the concert is cancelled those people lose the money because they won't be refunded cause they're not the original buyer," he said.

Viagogo victim advocate Claire Turnham nearly lost $2500 when she bought tickets to Ed Sheeran on the website.

She was able to get her money back and set up the Facebook page Victim of Viagogo to help others through the refund process.

Ms Turnham told The AM Show the process of buying Viagogo uses a lot of high pressure selling techniques and the effects are often more than monetary.

"Buying a ticket is an emotional purchase and what we've seen is its not just about the money but it affects people's health, their relationships, their jobs, it has a devastating effect," she said.

Mr Sprey hopes other countries join in on the legal action against Viagogo.

"I would hope that other countries who are also having the same problem would join with New Zealand in more of a class action," he said.

The website is currently facing court or enforcement action in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, the UK and Australia.