Turners and Growers staff to strike

Tomato gardeners and distribution workers will strike on Monday after months of failed negotiations.

Turners and Growers staff will picket outside main sites from 4am for the Living Wage - at least $20.55 an hour.

First Union spokesperson Denis Roche says most workers earn between $16.50 and $18 an hour.

"That's a really low wage for anyone, particularly if you're living in Auckland. They haven't had a pay increase for over a year."

Turners and Growers says it still has a strong relationship with its team and is committed to finding a positive outcome.

"Throughout our discussions with First Union we have been acting in good faith while negotiating collective agreements for some time," the company said in a statement.

Ms Roche says industrial action is a last resort.

"They've just refused to meet with us or negotiate with us about anything, apart from dropping the collective agreement."