Elon Musk working on 'Teslaquila' spirit brand

The bottle label, showing a tesla logo and tequila.
Photo credit: Twitter/Elon Musk

Elon Musk has announced he's working on a tequila brand named 'Teslaquila' after making reference to it in an April Fool's joke.

The joke centred around Mr Musk claiming Tesla had gone bankrupt, the billionaire found covered in tears and surrounded by bottles of the drink.

"Elon was found passed out against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by 'Teslaquilla' bottles, the tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks," he wrote.

But six months later it looks like Mr Musk has actually started work on the tequila, confirming that he had filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark Teslaquila.

The then tweeted a photo of what appears to be a branded bottle of gold tequila with a red label and Tesla font.

The filing doesn't mean people will be enjoying bottles of the drink by next April Fool's Day though - it only means Tesla has the intention to use it at some point.

Mr Musk has not announced any confirmed timeframe for the drink other than "soon".