'Unforgettable': Aucklander claims $11 million in Lotto - her second win in five months

An Auckland woman has demonstrated a knack for purchasing lucky Lotto tickets after claiming her second Lotto win within five months on Monday.

The woman originally claimed $333,333 from a Lotto First Division Ticket earlier in the year, before scooping up a further $11 million thanks to a Powerball win.

The chances of a single player winning Lotto First Division and Powerball First Division in two separate draws is a mere one in 147 trillion, according to a Lotto NZ media release.

The winner and her husband, who had been renting all their life, says the house-hunting began after the first win, but now those plans have now stepped up a few notches.

"Maybe a bit more land and a swimming pool. In fact, we spent all day on Sunday looking at houses," said the couple.

The winner's husband credits their run of luck entirely to his wife, who bought the first winning ticket from New World Albany and the second from Night n Day on Greville Rd, also on on the North Shore.

"There's only one word to describe this year – unforgettable," he said. "It's going to be one to beat!"