Electric Kiwi CEO Luke Blincoe puts massive growth boost down to good service

The CEO of a New Zealand company at the top of the Deloitte Fast 50 list said his company's massive growth is all down to good quality service.

Power company Electric Kiwi used to earn just under $1 million in revenue, but that's now jumped to $27 million in just three years.

"Kiwis have been paying too much for electricity for a long time and we hear about it regularly it's been topical lately," CEO Luke Blincoe told The AM Show.

"We've been able to deliver that cheaper and with award-winning service."

Overall the company's revenue has grown over 3500 percent and Mr Blincoe told The AM Show that was down to taking advantage of digital technology to improve service.

"Technology is enabling far better service propositions. What you don't want to be doing is ringing your power - company nothing good can come from that," he said.

"Being able to serve yourself using digital tools, whether its social media or online chat is far more satisfying for consumers."

Mr Blincoe said it became clear the system was working as the number of people using Electric Kiwi continued to grow.

"It's been quite a gradual build and it's continued to accelerate. But probably the key thing is we've gotten better and better at digital marketing and we've got our word out there," he said.

"Advertising and just continuing to do a really good job and actually referral's probably our single biggest channel now so people referring their friends because we're doing a good job."