Christmas shopping: What to do if you've left it this late

  • 22/12/2018

If you've left all of your shopping until the last minute, you're in good company.

There's expected to be a mad scramble at the shops on Saturday, with Christmas only three days away.

Retail New Zealand general manager Greg Harford says it could be packed.

"The weekend is likely to be pretty busy in the run-up to Christmas, and Monday - being Christmas Eve - things are going to pretty hectic then too."

Mr Harford says last-minute shoppers should get their gameplan on before hitting the mall.

"The best advice to people heading out to the shops this weekend is to allow plenty of time, go early if you can and don't get too frustrated. Remember, there will be lots of people about."

Mr Harford says it will be quietest early in the morning and late at night.

"But they're not going to suit everybody, so it's a good idea to just keep plenty of time up your sleeve."

There are only three days left until Christmas.