Last-minute Christmas shoppers break spending record

It's the day before Christmas - and every year people frantically rush through a mall, trying to beat the clock to find that perfect gift.

This year however, it seems most of us have been more organised than usual.

Newshub went to Sylvia Park to find entire families stocking up on the last of the Christmas shopping. There were aunties buying for nephews and dads and sons shopping for mum.

And there were also those doing the all-important food shop.

According to Foodstuffs there are two items you can pretty much guarantee can be found in Kiwis' shopping trollies - champagne and Kiwi onion dip.

But most people Newshub spoke to today say the mall doesn't feel "too hectic".

That's because with Christmas Day falling on a Tuesday, most Kiwis got their shopping done on Saturday.

In fact, Saturday was the busiest day of the year for retailers. Paymark recorded 182 transactions per second on its network at 12.16pm. That's a record.

The biggest day for spending was Thursday the 20th, when Kiwis spent $296 million.

We're not just generous with gifts. Donations to charities are up 9 percent on last year.

And if the family can survive Christmas shopping together then the dinner table should be a breeze.