New Zealand's Hikurangi Cannabis Company headed to United Nations

Cannabis. Photo credit: Getty

New Zealand's got a seat at the table as the United Nations discusses global cannabis policy.

Hikurangi Cannabis Company managing director Manu Caddie is in Vienna for the talks, which took place overnight.

Mr Caddie said he's working with trailblazers in the cannabis industry to try and reach their goals.

"A bunch of regulators from different governments, NGOs that work in policy and some of the big companies.

"I'm on a panel with a guy from Aurora, which is the second-biggest cannabis company - worth a few billion."

The goal for the summit is establishing a global fair trade alliance for cannabis.

"And how we can make this industry something where everybody expects the workers will be looked after. It's not going to be slave labour and have terrible environmental standards."

Mr Caddie said it's a great opportunity for New Zealand to be at the front of the industry.

"New Zealand's got a good reputation for taking leadership globally, and we're trusted as a place that looks after human rights and the environment.

"There is a real opportunity for New Zealand to take the lead."