Trade Me's most viewed auction of 2018 was 'Australian Sports Tape'

TradeMe's most viewed item of 2018 was a humble piece of sandpaper that sold for $58.

On the face of it, the auction may not seem very interesting, but the paper was listed as "Australian Sports Tape" and poked fun at an international scandal.

Australian cricketer Cameron Bancroft was caught ball tampering in March, using a small piece of sandpaper to damage the ball.

The cheeky Trade Me seller listed their sandpaper with the description: "Perfect for cheating".

Second place on the list went to a wedding dress sold by a woman after the end of her relationship. The dress had been listed as in great condition, unlike the woman's marriage.

"Cannot provide measurements as this was custom made for a little girl who thought she deserved less than what she was worth and she is now a strong woman," the description said.

Third went to an XL condom which reached 69,000 views.

Trade Me's top ten listings of 2018:

  1. Australian Sports Tape - 260,000 views
  2. Wedding dress - worn once by mistake - 106,600 views
  3. XL condom - because there is a shortage - 69,000 views
  4. First ever bottles of Lewis Road Creamery Mint Chocolate Milk - 66,288
  5. Portal gun for Rick & Morty dress up - 36,000 views
  6. Ed Sheeran ticket and a date - 33,700 views
  7. Wedding for $1 reserve - 34,400 views
  8. David Seymour's twerking outfit - 33,500 views
  9. The last Girl Guide biscuit - 26,400 views
  10. Jacinda Ardern's doodle - 25,700 views