Consumer Electronics Show reveals latest car concepts

A walking car seems a contradiction in terms but no, a major automaker is working on exactly that.

Hyundai revealed the concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently where the usual gadget designers face stiff competition from car makers.

Hyundai's car is called Elevate, it has wheels and it can walk.

They says it could be a great search and rescue vehicle, or just go up the front stairs.

Like many things at the show, it's a concept, the miniature robotic version is as good as it gets right now.

That forward thinking attracts thousands to the show, usually there for gadgets and robots but increasingly car makers are turning up to tout their tech - from back seat virtual reality in car entertainment, to driving via virtual reality.

Toyota unveiled its next version of an autonomous car and Daimler went one bigger with a truck.

Mercedes has an autonomous taxi and the roar of a Harley has been replaced with the whine of an electric motor.

There are also real world demos. BMW showed off its rider-less bike - not something it's actually going to sell.

If you think the latest tech is far-fetched, some is already here.

BMW also has a car with cell phone entry and cameras inside mean you can control the instruments with gestures or just chat to the assistant.

And if you can't back-up a car, don't worry, it uses GPS to exactly retrace the last route, including around a fountain.