Cricket fans warned to only use official ticket-keepers

  • 11/01/2019

Cricket fans are being scalped with fake tickets to international fixtures.

NZ Cricket has been made aware of counterfeit passes sold on controversial scalping site Viagogo. Some people have missed out after buying fake tickets.

Spokesperson Graham Parks says it is affecting upcoming games.

"The example that we got recently was for a match in the upcoming India series. For the Sri Lanka series, to date we haven't had any instances raised by Ticketek to us."

Mr Parks says people should only buy tickets through their main provider Ticketek, and they're spreading that message "far and wide".

"We pushed that out… to our social media channels to make sure that fans are made aware."

Some tickets are going for double the original price, even though there are still tickets available through the official channels.

"We're kind of alerting customers that when you're looking at those prices…. Tickets are available on the TIcketek website, and that's the best place to purchase them."

Viagogo has been a scourge for Kiwi concertgoers in recent years, and the Commerce Commission has launched a case against the Switzerland-based company.

An expert in competition law told The AM Show in August the commission has a good chance of winning the case.