Hamilton keen to keep the World Rugby Sevens - Mayor Andrew King

  • 26/01/2019

Hamilton's Mayor is hoping the city will become home to the New Zealand leg of the World Rugby Sevens.

2019 is the second and last year of the city's contract to host the colourful tournament, which kicks off at 10am on Saturday. Spectators can also enjoy cocktail bars, craft beers and gourmet food.

Mayor Andrew King says the economic spin-offs are massive.

"Obviously bars and restaurants in the evenings after the games are full, Airbnbs and hotels after the games are full, people are in a good mood, people are happy, people are spending."

He isn't anticipating any trouble this year.

"Last year during the Sevens there were less arrests in Hamilton than there is in a normal weekend. The crowd really is in a good mood and they really do behave."

A temporary alcohol ban has been extended around the Waikato Stadium, which Mr King says is the best in the country for watching rugby.

"It's all for rugby - there's unobstructed views for everyone in the stadium. It really is the best ground in New Zealand for rugby."

Mr King says he can't think of any reason Hamilton wouldn't be considered to continue hosting the Sevens.