Lotto results: First division missed again

For the second draw in a row, nobody has won Lotto's first division prize, with or without Powerball. 

On Saturday night, the first division prize went unclaimed, with 14 semi-lucky gamblers taking home $16,196 each. 

And in Wednesday night's draw, first division again went begging - the biggest prize going to five lucky second division players, taking home $32,585 each. 

The Powerball prize will spike to $8 million this Saturday as a result. 

Strike was also missed again, and will jackpot to $300,000.

The winning - or not so-winning - numbers on Wednesday were 3, 8, 21, 22, 30 and 35. The Powerball was 1, the Bonus ball 37. 

Strike was 3, 8, 35 and 30.

In one draw last year, 40 people split the top prize.