Lotto results: Third draw without a first division winner

Lotto's Powerball prize just keeps going up, with the jackpot missed yet again in Saturday night's draw.

It'll rise to $9 million on Wednesday. It's the third draw in a row no one has won first division, with or without the Powerball.

The biggest prize this weekend was won by two lucky gamblers who hit the Strike jackpot, taking home $150,000 each. The winning tickets were sold at a Paper Plus store in Hamilton and a New World in Mosgiel.

First division this Wednesday will be $1 million and Strike will be $100,000.

The winning - or again, not-winning - numbers were 1, 12, 17, 24, 32 and 33. The Powerball was 5, the Bonus ball 31. Strike was 24, 33, 1 and 17.