Surge in job listings on Trade Me expected

  • 07/01/2019
Recruiters spend about six seconds looking at each CV. Photo credit: Getty

Online giant Trade Me is bracing for an influx in job advertisements.

The website sees a surge in demand for both employers and employees looking in January and February - up 10 percent.

Spokesperson Jeremy Wade says this time of year is massive for the recruitment sector.

"Stats show over 50 percent of us, at the beginning of the year, tend to think about looking for a new job," he told Newshub.

Mr Wade says people must ensure their CVs are unique and stand out to employers.

"Six seconds is the average time spent by a recruiter looking at a CV. What that really means is you need to keep your application and your CV really short and punchy."

Mr Wade says the shortage of skilled workers is still a concern for employers.

"This is particularly the case in education and medical professions, which has been reflected in the news of late, but also in construction and trade."