Half of Kiwi workers' jobs impacted by automation - survey

  • 21/02/2019

A recruitment expert is encouraging workers to embrace - not fear - automation.

A survey by Hays recruitment has found half of Kiwi workers have seen their roles change due to machines.

Sixteen percent have been significantly impacted, and a third partially.

Hays managing director Adam Shapley says the future is here, whether we like it or not.

"There's no denying that robots are going to continue to join workplaces. Professionals will be continue to be able to benefit if they take appropriate action now."

He suggests people think of ways they could fill the time freed up by robots - or come up with strategies to adapt.

"You can look at what the organisation or the business you're involved with would need if those tasks were automated, and what you might be able to do."

Mr Shapley says it mostly affects roles that are simple and repetitive.

"You look at industries from finance to marketing to construction - where there's half that role ready for automation, that's where it will happen."