Google needs to take a stand on Viagogo - Consumer New Zealand

Consumer New Zealand CEO Sue Chetwin says ticket seller Viagogo should be dropped from Google search results.

Ms Chetwin told The AM Show Google has not taken a strong enough stand against the site due to the fact it makes money off it.

"Google is not prepared to give away all of the millions that they're getting from this company, which I think reflects very badly on Google," she said.

Viagogo was summoned to the Auckland High Court on Tuesday, but  was thought to be unlikely to appear.

A spokesperson for Viagogo told Newshub it was represented at the High Court.

"[Viagogo] will continue to work with the Commerce Commission to address their concerns. We remain committed to providing a secure platform for people to buy and sell sport, music and entertainment tickets to events all over the world."

The Switzerland-based company is a ticket selling website but is also a favourite for scammers to sell fake concert tickets. A number of people have fallen victim to scams on the site over the years.

Claire Turnham, the founder of the Facebook page Victim of Viagogo, told Newshub court action has come at the right time.

"We are seeing a complete increase in the people being ripped off and I think that this court proceeding that's going on now with the Commerce Commission is very timely because of that."

But the company has missed important meetings in the past, so Ms Turnham isn't expecting much on Tuesday.

"Our experience has shown already that they have failed to turn up to two parliamentary enquiries."

Ms Turnham said it would be unfortunate if the company doesn't show, because she said it needs to take responsibility for its actions and she wants justice.

"I think it's hugely disappointing and very disrespectful to the court [and] the Commerce Commission, but mostly to the fans who have bought tickets and been ripped off."

Ms Turnham nearly lost $2500 to a scam on Viagogo, but was luckily able to get her money back.