Apple bosses' political views questioned by shareholders

Tim Cook.
Tim Cook. Photo credit: Getty

Apple shareholders on Friday defeated a shareholder proposal from a conservative group that would have required the company to disclose the "ideological perspective" of nominees for its board of directors.

The proposal, placed on the shareholder ballot by the National Center for Public Policy Research, received only 1.7 percent of votes at the iPhone maker's annual meeting in Cupertino, California.

The organisation describes itself as a communications and research foundation supporting strong national defence and free market solutions.

Arguments were made both in favour of the proposal and against it in the Steve Jobs Theater, where the meeting is being held. Shareholder advisory firms Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services both recommended shareholders vote against it.

One supporter of the proposal reportedly said many of Apple's policies are "sexist and racist", citing the company's stated commitment to diversity.

Apple CEO Tim Cook rejected this, saying Apple was in favour of the environment, immigration, diversity, capitalism and privacy, according to tech news site CNet.

"These things to us aren't political things, they're policies," said Mr Cook, adding that the company doesn't donate any money at all to political campaigns.

"We are open to people from all walks of life."

Reuters / Newshub.