Mark Zuckerberg's net worth slips by $9 billion after difficult 2018 for Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a rough 2018, with Facebook under near-constant critique for data breaches.

The billionaire slipped three places lower on the Forbes 2018 global billionaires list, and his net worth shrunk by $9 billion.

Forbes estimates Mr Zuckerberg's net-worth to be sitting at $62.3 billion - down from $71 billion last year.

Mr Zuckerberg's wealth is tied to Facebook's success, as he owns nearly 17 percent of the stock, reports Forbes.

In 2018, Facebook was rocked by multiple data breaches, and multiple government investigations into its practices. 

In April, Mr Zuckerberg testified in front of congress about the breaches. He endured hours of questions about the Cambridge Analytica breach that saw millions of people's data harvested without consent and used for political purposes.

Facebook stock has been fluctuating wildly since the breach, and CNN reports users are spending 5 percent less time on the social network in total. 

The US and Canada also had a decline in daily users, losing 1 million people in 2018.

However, despite his slip in wealth, Mr Zuckerberg is still in the top ten richest people in the world - barely.

He's currently the eight richest person in the world.