24yo American man wins massive NZ$1.1 billion Lotto jackpot

The winner of last month's incredible NZ$1.1 billion jackpot in the US has been named - and he's only 24 years old.

Manuel Franco from Wisconsin has become the third largest jackpot winner in US history after purchasing a winning ticket from a local Speedway.

He says he was feeling "lucky" after work, so decided to buy a few tickets.

"I had pretty much felt lucky, it's a weird feeling, not natural at all," he said at a press conference on Tuesday.

He won $4 on one ticket, and then went to work without checking the rest, reports ABC News.

When he returned, he heard the winner was from Wisconsin and decided to check.

He says the win is surreal.

"It feels like a dream - like any moment I'm going to be back in my room, laying and it's going to be a disappointment," said Franco 

The 24-year-old didn't bother cashing in the $4 ticket, reports ABC News.

He says he wants to use his new found fortune to "help out the world."

Before his lucky moment, Franco says he was regularly worrying about his finances.

"I was desperately trying to get my bank account to $1000," he said.

He's now quit his job, but plans to live his life as normally as possible.

State law does not allow Lotto winners to remain anonymous. Franco was given 180 days to cash in his ticket and reveal his identity.