Southlanders enjoy holiday bonanza

A Southland economic group is confident the local region will do just fine over an unusually long Easter break.

The region has four public holidays in the space of seven days, with Good Friday, Easter Monday, anniversary day on Tuesday and Anzac Day on Thursday. That leaves Wednesday and Friday the only normal working days this upcoming week.

Paul Casson from Venture Southland says it is a catch-22.

"People are taking some time out, though businesses can be gaining some benefits from that from domestic tourism… so I think there are win-wins all round."

Many Southlanders are taking the days in-between to extend their holiday, and Casson says businesses are responding.

"I've heard that some businesses are actually saying, 'Let's just close completely.' But some will have a skeleton crew on during those two days."

Local tourism may take a hit though, with school holidays happening at the same time.

Casson says it is an usual and rare situation.

"It will have some impact on businesses… but on the other side of the coin there will be economic benefits for people travelling and taking time out."