England's 'most-haunted house' up for sale

The Cage
Witches used to be kept here prior to trial and execution. Photo credit: Home Domus 360/Getty

Blockbuster horror Paranormal Activity didn't scare you? This might be the home for you.

A house that used to be a prison for suspected witches is back on the market, the owner desperate to get rid of it.

Vanessa Mitchell bought the 16th-century structure in 2004 but only lived there for three years, according to a listing on UK real estate site Home Domus 360, which calls it the "most-haunted house in Essex and possibly England".

Known as 'The Cage', the property in St Osyth was built as a medieval prison. Its most famous guests 13 women accused of witchcraft in 1582. Three of them were subsequently hanged.

The Cage.
The Cage. Photo credit: Home Domus 360

After the literal witch hunts ended, the building remained a prison until 1908, when it was converted into a residential property. Owners over the past century have frequently reported visions, strange drops in temperature and growling sounds, reports Wales Online.

"The superstitious among you will probably think twice about even setting foot in the property, let alone wanting to live there," real estate company Rightmove property expert Miles Shipside told the site.

"The building certainly has a unique atmosphere about it, but I'll leave it for others to decide whether this is because of paranormal activity or not."

Inside The Cage.
Inside The Cage. Photo credit: Home Domus 360

Taylor fled the house after being attacked by a "satanic-looking goat" and "spanked on the bottom by a demonic entity", she told local paper the Clacton and Frinton Gazette.

This is the third time she's tried to sell The Cage, and is confident now it's been exorcised of its demons, she'll get her asking price of £260,000 (NZ$500,000).

"It is still haunted, but there seems to be a certain newly found harmony within," the listing reads.

The property was the subject of a documentary, The Witches Prison, part of the True Horror series on the UK's Channel 4.