IDEA Services care and support workers go on longest strike yet

Care and support workers on strike Sunday are hoping their silence will speak volumes.

After months of failed negotiations with IDEA Services over weekend pay and staffing levels, 1000 members are staying home.

E tū advocate Alastair Duncan says unlike teachers, they won't be holding mass rallies and pickets.

"There will be some symbolic protests in the community because what our members tell us is they want to have a day off and be with their families," he told Newshub.

The strike affects up to 700 homes and will last 24 hours. It's their longest strike so far - last Sunday they walked off the job for 12 hours.

"We have been working area by area to ensure we have enough staff to keep the people we support safe," said IDEA chief operating officer Joan Cowan.

"Wherever possible we are using the same people to cover shifts so that there are as few new faces as possible."

Cowan says last weekend's strike went by "without significant impact" on its clients.

Duncan says the strikes come after months of failed negotiations over weekend pay and staffing levels.

"IDEA says it hasn't got any money, but we know its parent company - IHC - is one of the richest landlords in New Zealand."

The strike begins at 9am.

"We hope that IDEA wakes up on Monday morning and realises their reputation isn't served by not being fair to those who care."