Beloved Kmart chair joins list of withdrawn products

Kmart's list of recalled products includes a timber chair and glass travel mugs.
Kmart's list of recalled products includes a timber chair and glass travel mugs. Photo credit: Kmart

A popular Kmart chair has joined the list of various items being recalled by major retailers for safety reasons.

The $55 timber Occasional Chair, which was a hit with interior designers in New Zealand and across the ditch, has been withdrawn from stores for a "potential quality issue".

The chair joins 31 items on Kmart's recall list, which features everything from a spiral vegetable cutter to a floor lamp. 

The Warehouse and Farmers also have lists of items they are recalling.

One of the most recently recalled products was the Wooden Shape Sorter House, an interactive toy for young children. Kmart says it was discovered that if the product was dropped, small screws from the toy's handle could become loose and pose a choking hazard.

The Trolls Plastic Sipper Cup with Eggs, Wooden Train and Kids II Oball Rattle (only sold in Australia) have also been deemed choking hazards and recalled.

Importer First Mart was fined $45,000 on Monday for selling unsafe Peppa Pig knock-off toys which the Commerce Commission found could constitute a choking risk due to small parts easily coming loose. 

The Commission's mandatory safety standard requires that toys designed for children younger than three are not small enough to be swallowed nor do they contain small removable parts.

Many of Kmart's recalled products are designed for young children, including a line of kids' skate helmets with malfunctioning straps that may fail to protect a child's head in a fall or accident. 

The company behind the Little Live Pet Range, sold in Kmart stores, voluntarily recalled two toys in 2016 because of an alarming design defect: removal of the batteries cap can cause it to become "projectile" and leak, causing potential chemical and injury hazards. 

Several Kmart products designed to contain hot beverages have been recalled due to glass "separating" upon contact with boiling water, including the Ice Tea and Coffee Brewer and the 360ml Glass Travel Cup, which were discontinued in February and April respectively. 

Anyone who owns a recalled product is advised to stop using it immediately and return it to their local Kmart store for a full refund. 

View the full list of recalled items here.

Among the items being recalled by the Warehouse are bikes, children's toys and food, with shoppers being warned of a total of 17 items that should be returned. 

The most recent recall was issued this month for a range of Milazo bicycles sold between April and July this year. According to the Warehouse, the bikes were being recalled due to a possibly defective crank arm, which had the potential to fall off and cause the rider to lose control of the bike. 

 A  range of Milazo bicycles was recently recalled.
A range of Milazo bicycles was recently recalled. Photo credit: The Warehouse

Children's rocking sleepers were also being recalled for being "potentially dangerous when instructions and warnings are not followed."

According to the notice, "infants may roll from their back to their stomach or side if unrestrained" producing a "risk of suffocation". 

Other affected products included food items such as Tresor Dore chocolates, which had peanuts in them despite not being labelled so.

The full list can be viewed here.

Included on Farmers' recall list were various items that posed a choking hazard to young children, such as a musical drum set and Christmas LED lights. A remote control quadcopter was recalled due to the risk its USB cable could overheat while charging and pose a fire risk.

In total, 14 items were on Farmer' recall list, which can be found here.