'Boring' phone aims to strip away distractions

A new start-up is launching a cellphone that aims to stop you spending time on it.

Pre-orders close on Friday for the 'BoringPhone', which doesn't have internet access or social media.

The phone will look like a regular smartphone and have a custom-built operating system. It will also still be able to play music and podcasts, and will have GPS/navigation.

Co-founder of the Kiwi startup Alex Davidson says a lot of people don't understand their vision.

"Some people even get angry you've produced a phone without a browser or email on it, but there is a group of people that immediately understand it."

But there are also plenty of adults that find themselves in need of a digital detox.

"They're finding they're actually getting a bit sick of how much they're ending up looking at [their phones], Davidson said.

"They start to realise that they're actually being manipulated into continually checking applications and actually just want to kind of opt-out of that."

Mr Davidson says it's a great way to give kids a contact point without online dangers.