Chief content officer Andrew Szusterman to leave MediaWorks

  • 22/07/2019
Chief content officer Andrew Szusterman to leave MediaWorks
Photo credit: MediaWorks

The chief content officer of MediaWorks has resigned.

Andrew Szusterman announced his departure from the company on Monday morning, bringing his 17-year stint at the company to an end.

First hired as a radio programme director in 2002, Szusterman went on to create the iconic C4 Music Television Network.

In 2008 he was made associate director of programming for Three (then known as TV3), and is credited with moving the channel into locally-produced reality television with series such as New Zealand's Next Top Model and X-Factor New Zealand.

He moved into the role of group programme director for MediaWorks Radio in 2011, introducing popular network The Sound as well as Si and Gary's MORE FM breakfast show.

He has worked as chief content officer since 2014, and is credited with pushing local content such as Married At First Sight NZ and Dancing with the Stars NZ, as well as original comedies Mean Mums and Golden Boy.

Mediaworks CEO Michael Anderson says Szusterman has been an "outstanding executive and leader" who has delivered stellar results for Three and MediaWorks Radio.

"I would like to thank him for his incredible contribution to MediaWorks over 17 years for which he should be very proud. He will be hugely missed and I wish him all the very best."

Szusterman says he's been lucky to lead an "amazing team of talented people" during his time in both television and radio.

"MediaWorks is such a special business, its people have so much passion for it, it's rare and at times unexplainable as to why and that's what I'll miss the most. 

"But for now, it's time to see what life outside MediaWorks is like, and I'm truly excited by that."

He will leave his role in October. MediaWorks will announce his replacement in the coming weeks.