Christchurch woman fined $95 after underpaying for parking by 50 cents

The woman refused to pay.
The woman refused to pay. Photo credit: Getty

A Christchurch woman fined $94.44 for accidentally underpaying for her parking by 50 cents was taken to a debt collection agency by Wilson Parking.

Julie Hand refused to pay when she was fined after she didn't realise $12 early bird tickets had increased to $12.50, when she parked in the city's central business district in May, Stuff reports.

Although she paid the additional 50 cents online, Credit Consultants were called in by Wilson, insisting she pay $94.94.

Newshub has contacted Wilson for comment.

Hand told Stuff: "I am not a troublemaker, and I am a law-abiding citizen".

According to Consumer NZ, there are no specific rules governing private car parks' charges or their terms and conditions.

"Lack of regulation here means it's up to individuals to challenge private operators' practices," Consumer NZ head of research Jessica Wilson says.

"Insistent payment demands may also scare off some people. These demands may look like official fines.

"But car park operators have no legal authority to impose fines."

Wilson backed down on Friday, Stuff reports, sending Hand an email saying the fine and debt collection could be disregarded.

The company operates more than 285 car parks across New Zealand.