Inland Revenue warns New Zealanders not to fall victim to latest email scam

Inland Revenue (IRD) warns Kiwis not to fall victim to a recent email scam, which is said to be "very widespread".

The email surfaced at the weekend, offering customers "tax refunds".

The IRD says it received more than 900 reports of the "convincing" scam.

"It looks like the real thing but has some tell-tale mistakes that people can use to tell it's a scam," IRD spokesperson Sharon Thompson said.

She said in this particular scam, there's no personalised greeting on the email, while a non-existent IRD number is also listed.

Thompson said the scam also includes a dollar amount for the bogus refund, which the IRD does not do.

IRD is currently in the process of taking down the email.

Anyone who has received the email is advised to forward it to

Watch the video above to learn how to avoid getting scammed on the internet.