Lotto: Are you $16 million richer? One lucky winner takes out life-changing windfall

Lotto: Are you $16 million richer? One lucky winner takes out life-changing windfall
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Wanting to set out on an African safari? A trip to the Bahamas? Or maybe you have your eye on a new car? Well if you purchased a Lotto ticket for Saturday's draw in Auckland's north, you have a chance of making that a reality.

Saturday night was a $16 million draw for Powerball - a staggering amount that can change someone's life. And it has. 

A Wellsford Powerball player has won the windfall. The winning ticket was sold at Woodys Winners. 

A Wellington Lotto player will also be celebrating after winning $500,000 with Lotto First Division. Their ticket was sold on MyLotto. 

So what numbers helped them get there? 

Saturday's numbers are: 5, 13, 22, 24, 4, and 28. The bonus ball was 6 and the Powerball was 6.

Saturday's $16 million prize money comes after more than a month with no first division winners.The last big win was on June 15, with one lucky punter pocketing over $10 million.

Strike rolled over and will be $400,000 on Wednesday.

The largest win in the country's history was in 2016, when a young couple from the Hibiscus Coast bagged $44 million.

This is the second time in less than a month that Powerball has been struck, with a Hamilton man taking home $10.2 million in mid-June. 

Earlier this year Unichem Stortford Lodge Pharmacy in Hastings was confirmed to be the luckiest place in the country to buy a ticket, selling 47 winners. That was followed by Richmond Night n Day in Nelson, with 34 winning tickets to its name.

The results of Saturday's draw, including if someone has won Powerball, will be released on the Lotto website