BNZ accidentally gave Foodstuffs $100 million

BNZ accidentally gave Foodstuffs $100 million, but the supermarket chain refunded the money the very next day.

The error occurred in February 2018 when a staff member was showing another how a piece of software worked, Stuff reports. The staff member demonstrating was supposed to hit cancel, but accidentally hit send.

A BNZ spokesperson confirmed to Newshub the error had occurred, and said it was quickly recognised and rectified. 

"We continue to review and strengthen our controls to prevent errors in general, and ones similar to that which placed funds in a Foodstuffs account in 2018.

"This payment was a one-off error the size of which has not happened before or since."

BNZ said processes have been changed to ensure the accident is not repeated.

"The employees received further training to prevent this type of error happening again.

"Incorrect transactions like this are extremely rare. They are typically caught immediately and recovered in full."