Cloud Ocean Water proposes closing Christchurch plant

Cloud Ocean Water is considering closing down most of it's Christchurch plant, throwing 125 jobs into limbo.

The company announced it's considering mothballing two production lines due to "challenging circumstances" including lower sales and fast growth.

"We are proud of the progress we have made marketing bottled water as an added value export for New Zealand," said director Feng Liang. 

"However, sales into China, our main market, have been disappointing and will come under further pressure during the winter months."

The company told workers it's considering reducing the current workforce from 160 to 35 on Wednesday. Final decisions will be made at the end of August.

Not everyone is unhappy at the news though, the plant had been controversial from the start with protesters marching in the streets against it earlier in 2019.

Aotearoa Water Action's Peter Richardson told Newshub he's happy to hear the news.

"I do feel sorry for the workers who've lost their jobs, I mean nobody wishes that on anyone, but we don't want this plant to remain in existence so we're delighted."