SkyCity staff brave the cold to strike for better pay

SkyCity workers demanding better pay and flexible hours are continuing their night-long strike action Sunday morning. 

The casino giant made over $144 million in profit last year, and last week boasted $450 million in the bank.

Striker Zolton Buday says a little sharing would go a long way.

"We would like those who are working at the very bottom of the rung for many many years to get fair pay - just like those at higher levels within the company."

Employees at SkyCity's Adelaide Casino get penal rates for working unsociable hours. Buday says New Zealand workers deserve the same.

"It feels disappointing that it's okay for the company to pay Australians time-and-a-half, but they feel as though they can not pay workers in New Zealand."

SkyCity said it has offered its employees - most of whom are with Unite Union - payrises between 6 and 25 percent over the next two years.

"SkyCity is committed to providing fair opportunities for all our employees and will continue to work with Unite and employees to find a resolution for all," the company said in a statement.

But Unite members almost unanimously rejected the company's latest offer, and voted to strike.

"We had so many members disappointed that they would miss out because they were not rostered Saturday night," said Unite national secretary Gerard Hehir. "We also had many who would miss out on Father's Day at home.

"That, of course, is exactly the problem we are trying to solve. If there was an incentive to work Sundays then there would plenty of other volunteers to allow fathers working at SkyCity to spend the day with their families."

SkyCity employees on strike.
SkyCity employees on strike. Photo credit: Newshub.

Mediation betwen the company and the union is set down for Friday.

Buday told Newshub it's worth braving the elements to strike if it makes a difference.

"It's pretty cold out here... got a bit of music out here. Really good speakers, helping us send the message out. A huge amount of support is coming from the public as well."