Gull to pump up petrol price after Saudi oil strike

A retailer who gave motorists almost a week to fuel up following attacks on a Saudi oil facility has announced the increase in costs must now be recouped.

Gull has announced a price increase of 6c per litre on petrol and 4c per litre on diesel from Monday, following in the footsteps of BP and Z Energy, which confirmed increases last week. 

Dave Bodger, general manager at Gull, confirmed that prices had been held in the company's North Island-based outlets until the end of last week, but had to be passed on at some point.   

"As there are different service and fuel tax costs, prices differ across the network.

"Monday's cheapest petrol is in Gull Opotiki, where prices are $1.917 per litre and the lowest Auckland price is $2.147 per litre, available at Gull Waiuku, Botany, Onehunga, Millwater, Birkenhead, Glen Eden and Titirangi."

Mark Stockdale, principal adviser - regulations at AA, said despite several brands responding with increases, there hasn't been an across-the-board rise.  

Stockdale confirmed that several Wellington sites lowered prices on Friday, however as costs are variable, pricing may not be consistent across different company sites.

"Not all brands [have] moved their prices.  

"There's a lot of disparity and we encourage people to shop around and compare prices."

Kay Read, client service delivery at the Ministry of Social Development, said that there hasn't been an influx of people concerned about the cost of filling their car, however help with emergency travel costs is available to people receiving benefits.

"We encourage anyone experiencing hardship as a result of increasing petrol prices to call their local Work and Income office and arrange an appointment."

Following the air strikes on Saudi Arabian oil facilities on Saturday 14 September, BP and Z Energy increased prices by 6c per litre, with Gull now following suit.

The disparity in pricing across brands and outlets means that the choice of petrol station is likely to come down to motorists' preference, convenience and timeframe.

For people concerned about the current price increases, apps like 'Gaspy' and loyalty cards can be used to help locate the best daily deal and make the most of discounts.