Lotto: $20 million draw lucky numbers revealed

It was the night many Kiwis had been waiting for - the massive $20 million Lotto draw.

But after all the hype, no one won Powerball and it rolls over for another week.

The night's lucky numbers are: 37, 15, 39, 5, 13, 36. Bonus Ball: 14. Powerball: 2.

Last week saw one second-division winner pot a cool $34,000, and 51 third-division winners take home $954 each.

Newshub has put together a list of ideas of what you could buy on Trade Me if you won $20 million.

One Kiwi family won a crisp $16.5 million earlier this year from Lotto.

"We're going to buy our first house together," the winning man said.

"We're going to put some money aside for the kids and grandkids to make sure they are set up for years to come."

The happy couple has their wedding coming up this summer, but don't plan to make any extravagant changes - aside from an upgraded engagement ring.