Meet the man who wants to bring back classic Kiwi cannabis strains

Businessman Ross Smith is a venture capitalist who calls himself 'The Wolf of Weed Street' - and he wants to cash in on any cannabis boom.

"There's a new sheriff in town," he says, grinning. "He's called 'The Wolf'."

He lives in a luxury property in The Mount, has two Bentleys sitting in his driveway, and a robot mowing his lawn - all paid for with legal cannabis money.

After Australia legalised medical marijuana in 2016, The Wolf says he made millions from his cannabis businesses.

He's now returned to New Zealand where he wants to bring back to the market classic Kiwi cannabis strains like Te Puke Thunder and Coromandel Gold.

Thought to be long gone, the Wolf believes he has found these valuable plants.

"I picked spots where you can guerilla grow and I literally helicoptered in and went looking and isolated these genetics and been working on them ever since," he says.

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